Cameraman, Film Maker, Shark Researcher


Kina is a leading underwater cinematographer based in New Zealand. His background as a shark researcher and 20 years of professional diving helps him capture extraordinary images underwater.

On this site, explore the services Kina provides as a film and documentary producer, underwater cameraman and director of photography.



Kina Scollay is an underwater cinematographer who specialises in feature films and wildlife - from charismatic megafauna to carefully observed characters of the sea and sky. His intimate footage of Great White Sharks is in high demand for cutting-edge broadcast productions.

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Shark Research

A founding member of New Zealand's Great White Shark Research Project, Kina is a shark researcher unlike any other. He co-developed a world-leading ID system and has achieved an intimate knowledge of individual Great White Sharks.

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Film & Documentary

Through his company, Ocean Answers Ltd, Kina provides production services to international and local film and documentary shoots. His vast network of connections and wealth of experience enable him to successfully co-ordinate the most ambitious of projects.

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