Underwater Cinematographer


Kina is an award winning filmmaker based in New Zealand.

He produces series and specials, shoots documentaries for broadcasters including NHK, National Geographic and BBC

and is underwater DOP for feature films - including The Meg.



Kina Scollay shoots for feature films and wildlife documentaries.

He was underwater DOP for Warner Bros blockbuster The Meg.

His hit 2018 series Ocean Predators showcases the top of the marine food chain like never before.

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Shark Research

A founding member of New Zealand's Great White Shark Research Project, Kina uses underwater videography as an innovative shark research tool. He co-developed a world-leading visual ID system, and has achieved an intimate knowledge of individual Great White Sharks.

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Film & Documentary

Kina has produced two Discovery Channel specials, a four part top rating series Ocean Predators (2018) and a six-part blue-chip series Our Big Blue Backyard.

His vast network of connections and wealth of experience allow him to make the most ambitious projects happen - both in New Zealand and overseas.

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